About Us

About Us

Huddletrip is a trusted and experienced group travel company that has planned group trips for schools, colleges, sports teams, organizations and large groups throughout the United States for more than 20 years. We also are a group of industry experts who love to travel! We know what makes a successful group trip, and we know how much people appreciate personalized customer service.

Let Huddletrip's Expertise Work for You

Experience:  Huddletrip assigns a professional and knowledgeable Trip Coach to each individual Huddletrip customer, ensuring that every group trip planner has immediate access to Huddletrip's resources and the Trip Coach's insight and expertise at all times, from start to finish. The Trip Coach assists group trip planners with organizing successful group trips that are safe, fun and value-driven.

Innovation: We couple our platinum-level customer support with dynamic online tools that simplify the trip management process and allow trip planners to save time by communicating easily with their group using our powerful and intuitive online trip planner. Group members can set up free online accounts through Huddletrip to make flexible monthly payments. Huddletrip is a pioneer in providing advanced, online tools that take the stress out of planning a group trip.

Our primary focus is to help you plan a rewarding group trip.