Vendor Policies

Huddletrip is a premier leader in online travel planning for larger groups.  We specialize in bringing groups together with vendors and our market for groups is nationwide.  Our goal is to provide the best possible experience for our traveling customers.  We have identified through our years of experience that best vendors are key to increasing the success of a trip.

We have assembled a team of group travel specialists who have extensive experience providing awesome group travel to our customers.  Across the board, our customer retention and repeat business is staggering due to the high quality and the attention to detail that we provide.  All of our Trip Coaches have been booking group travel venues with companies just like yours and more than likely your company for many years.

Our aim is to bring Huddletrip customers and great vendors together online while providing tools to simplify the communications between vendors and trip planners.  We provide world class tools to help trip planners complete the tasks of planning and organizing their trip and coming soon, we will present a free online portal for vendors to easily book reservations. 

What is the cost to me?

There are no costs for you to present your business on our website as an itinerary selection.  Also, there are no charges when your venue is selected for booking and reservations are made.

How will Huddletrip present my marketing materials? 

We post a 225x225 pixel image along with your choice of text to represent your business.  When listing many venues for our traveling customers whether in a sample/actual itinerary or for them to select a venue as an option, we resize your image by a factor of 5 to display it 75x75 pixel along with the first sentence or two as a short text option.  The smaller image and text can be then expanded to view the full size picture along with the full text provided.

Will Huddletrip use my marketing collateral in any other way? 

Any vendor logo that is approved for use will only be used on our website to promote your business as a possible option within a group travel itinerary. No vendor logo or likeness will be used to promote the Huddletrip brand without prior express written consent and approval. At any time you may request in writing to have any or all of your marketing materials be removed from our website at                                                                                                        

What marketing materials should I provide?

Your logo and marketing text will be presented on our website as follows:

  • A 75x75 pixel, non-pixelated thumbnail of your logo or business likeness along with short text which would include approximately 350 characters or less which may be the first line or two of a longer description.
  • A 225x225 pixel, non-pixelated thumbnail of your logo or business likeness with a long description to present additional information of your business.

Huddletrip will resize your image(s) as needed to meet these specifications.

Where my marketing materials should be sent?

Marketing collateral may be sent to:                                                                                                             

Where can see how my marketing materials will be presented?

Please take some time and view some our "Featured Destinations" on our home page to see exactly how your marketing collateral will appear on our website.  You will notice that we maintain strict standards to present our company and our vendors in the most professional manner possible.  Huddletrip will make every effort to ensure that your company's presence on our website meets with your specifications and we are happy to accommodate and adhere to any requirements that you may have regarding your company's collateral.  We will never skew your images or allow any other graphic or text to cover any part of your logo or text unless that was the original intention.

What if I have more questions?

Please forward all questions and requests to:          

Huddletrip Tours LLC
P.O. Box 3908
Tupelo, MS 38803